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09 May 2013 @ 03:09 pm
I'm alone at home at the moment, Jyri is out working out with his friend. He goes there every other day. I try to work out a little too while he's gone but I haven't done anything yet today... Hopefully I will later. I'm gonna try not to talk too much about weightloss because it's boring and no one wants to hear that. But I've lost 3 kilos in the past month and I'm glad about that. I've been working out a little bit and haven't eaten fastfood and shit like that. I hope I can keep this up and lose at least 8 kg but we'll see.

I think so far this year has been better than last year, I think I've had a bit more energy to do stuff like clean the apartment. It's not a huge difference but last year was just horrible so this feels like heaven compared to that. I'm talking with the lady at the city every other week, and I hope it's gonna make a difference. She does give me some good tips and it feels nice to be able to talk to someone about whatever I want. Also I started two new meds, it's only been a few days so there's no difference yet. We'll see, I hope it would give me enough motivation to do things that scare me like take the bus alone. It's pretty damn scary to think about getting better but I know I have to do it at some point.